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Brian Baniqued

Producer / Investor

Brian Baniqued is the founder of BCRE or Baniqued Commercial Real Estate.

Brian is also one of the founders of a foster family agency based out of Las Vegas called BPT Mile High foster family agency and behavioral health clinic.  It is through this venue, that Baniqued and his partners seek to give back to the community by helping to educate and place troubled youths with good homes and give them a fighting chance to become productive adults; by providing instruction and good role models for these youths to strive for.

Brian has had a strong interest in acting and filmmaking since his early days.  He has acted in commercial videos, short films, and has done various modeling assignments in his younger days.  From 2015 to 2017, Brian trained for and competed in NBC’s American Ninja Warrior and reconnected with his passion for acting and filmmaking.

Brian has gotten involved in producing feature films and developing a slate of projects with his producing partners, Ron & Michelle Ray, in Hollywood.

His latest feature film, Trees of Peace (TOP), is releasing in 191 countries and in 32 languages on June 10, 2022 as a Netflix Original. TOP has won the Best Film Panavision Jury award and ADL - Santa Barbara Humanitarian award at the prestigious 2021 Santa Barbara International Film Festival, where the movie premiered for the first time.  Since then, TOP has won Best Film & Best Director at the Phoenix Film Festival, won Best Film and Best Screenplay at the prestigious 2021 African International Film Festival in Nigeria, and Best Ensemble Cast at the 2021 Rising Sun International Film Festival in Japan.  TOP swept the 2021 American Black Film Festival awards and won the Best Film Jury award, John Singleton award for Best First Feature, and Best Director.  At the 2021 Switzerland International Film Festival, TOP won the Best Drama Jury award.

Brian is developing several projects with RR, including the directorial feature of RR in the upcoming year.

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