Gripper Series GR-100 Clip-On Battery

  • 14.4V, 100Wh Lithium-Ion Battery

  • Clips onto 15mm LWS Rods

  • Supports up to 7A Draw

  • 4-LED Power Gauge

  • 2 x D-Tap Ports

  • Compact Size and Lightweight

zacuto base plate tripod kit.jpg

Zacuto Gripper D-Tap Adapter for GR-75/GR-100 Clip-On Batteries w cable for Canon C300 Camera & Panasonic Eva1 Camera

Zacuto VCT Pro Baseplate, VCT Tripod Plate & Tripod Dock Kit

  • VCT-Style Baseplate with 15mm Rods

  • Standard Tripod to VCT-14 Adapter Plate

  • Slide-In Dock Offers 2nd Tripod Mount

  • 10" Camera Balance Range

  • Ample Space for Accessories and Balance

  • Large, Ergonomic Gel Shoulder Pad

  • Spring-Loaded Lever Plate Adjustment

  • Rod Adapter Adjusts 1" Vertically

The Gripper D-Tap Adapter from Zacuto turns one D-Tap output into four. It mounts directly into any D-Tap outlet, and is made to work with the Gripper GR-75 and GR-100 clip-on batteries. The adapter does not include a cable.


Zacuto Recoil Handle

  • Maple-Wood-Lined Handgrip

  • For Z-Rail or Other Compatible Rails

  • Cold Shoe and 1/4"-20 Mounting

  • Two Offset 15mm Rod Clamps

  • Machined Aluminum Construction

  • Spring-Loaded Locking Levers


Zacuto ZARM-L3 Zamerican Articulating Arm V3 Large Version 12"

  • Z-Release

  • V3 Large Version 12"