“Ron and his team, were complete perfectionists on every level, from scoping out the venue the day before, to being prepared for every contingency, to make sure they understood and delivered exactly what we asked for! We will certainly return to his services in the near future!”

Peter Rumm, Virtuoso Ltd.

Manager, Member Training & Professional Development


I have been fortunate enough to work with RR Film Production since the beginning of my career.  Ron & Michelle Ray are not only extremely professional, passionate, and knowledgeable, but they really care about me as an artist.  They go above and beyond to amaze me every time, and I have been fortunate enough to do quite a few projects with them!! I love my music videos!  Looking forward to our future collaborations. Love you both.



For real, it's been a blessing for me to get a chance to work with RR Film. I have done other music videos before, but when I came to Vegas to shoot with Ron, I realized my career just took a huge leap.  Not only does he know more than most people about all aspects of making music videos and filming, he really took me under his wing and guided me during both music video shoots.  I have never worked with a director who is so precise and knows exactly how to get the best out of me when I am acting.  I have never seen someone do so much with so little resources, since we had a very small budget, but you would never know looking at our videos.  Ron the best directors I have ever worked with, that's no lie.  He took a complete stranger from Oklahoma and made me feel like family.  Thank you Big Bro.  I appreciate you and Michelle more than you know. #Facts

Bam Beezy Bayb


Ron, Thank you so much for Death Note!! When he cast me as the lead in DEATH NOTE as light, I was so excited yet nervous. I had very little time to prepare for it, and I was struggling quite a bit.  Ron worked with me day and night for 3 days, gave me confidence, believed in me, and taught me techniques that really helped me hone in on the character, and got me ready for shooting.  I am forever thankful for his patience, knowledge, and faith in me. Ron and Michelle are two of the nicest people I have ever met, and the best director/producer you can ask for.

Kento Matsunami


I have worked as a model and actress for a long time.  Working with Michelle and Ron was simply an incredible experience.  They are so professional, and made me feel completely at ease. During the shoot, Ron was an excellent director, and guided me through the scenes with ease.  It's not always easy when all you are wearing is a bikini, but the entire team made us all feel like we were part of a home production.  I am looking forward to working with them again.  It was a treat!

Brittani Medina

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It is always a great experience working with Ron and Michelle! They are professional, reliable, and incredibly knowledgeable as to what looks best on camera. Ron does a great job highlighting my unique skill set and is always able to give great direction to bring out the best in my work, be it from bikini modeling to fire dancing. Ron and Michelle make a great team, and I look forward to collaborating with them again on future projects!




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