RR Film Production, Abstract Entertainment, and Abrowngirl films are producing the feature film TREES OF PEACE.  We have completed the film ad we are repped by UTA.  The movie was shot by Cinematographer Michael Rizzi, and it's being edited by Kiran Pallegadda and Gabriel Fleming.  Our music composer is famed composer David Buckley.

Ron Ray discovered Alanna Brown and her incredible script in February 2019 through Instagram.  Instantly, after reading the script and talking to Alanna, this became a passion project for Ron, and he decided to produce this feature film.  Ron is the lead producer of the movie, who acquired the IP, brought in the writer/director, raised full financing, and led the production from beginning to end with director Alanna Brown.  One of Ron's friend, Hollywood producer Barry Levine and his partner Mike Bundlie from Abstract Entertainment joined Ron on this passion project in March 2019.  Alanna Brown and her producing partner Vicky Petela flew down to Los Angeles and met the producing trio, and the rest was history.  The producing team was complete when Brian Baniqued and Jeff Spiegel joined the team in July 2019.  The Producing Dream Team is on a mission to tell this amazing story of hope, faith, and survival.

Talented writer/director Alanna Brown was in the prestigious Hollywood Blacklist in 2018 for her script THE 29TH ACCIDENT.  She was also on the Hit List and the Young & Hungry List for the same feature. She is repped by Charles Ferraro, a partner at UTA.  

TREES OF PEACE is inspired by true events.  From April through June of 1994, a genocide against the Tutsis, killed approximately 800,000 men, women, and children.  Many went to extraordinary lengths to survive and to protect others.

Four women from different backgrounds and beliefs, each broken in their own ways, are forced to reconcile their inner demons and put their differences aside…in order to live through the day—for 81 days straight.

The only chance Annick, Mutesi, Jeanette, and Peyton have to survive is in learning to rely on each other. Trapped and hiding in an underground compartment during the 1994 Rwandan genocide, they’ve escaped the initial outbreak of violence ravaging the country. HERE, their story begins…

Their incredible will to survive drives them to forge an unbreakable bond. Over the course of their journey, each of these women learns what it truly means to find forgiveness, acceptance, purpose, and peace.

TREES OF PEACE is a story about finding light in one of the darkest hours our world has seen.  

Writer/Director Alanna Brown

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Feature Film in Post-Production

Writer/Director:  Alanna Brown



Ron Ray

Barry Levine

Mike Bundlie

Brian Baniqued

Jeff Spiegel

Vicky Petela

Alanna Brown

 Executive Producers: 

Michelle Ray

Joseph Lanius

Julien Favre

Pascal Vaguelsy

Arlene Madison

Denise Bradley

Linda Aranda

Lindsay Aichinger


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