Phantom 4 PRO+ Version 1 w/ Nanuk 950 Wheeled Case, 3 Batteries, Thor Charger, CF Props & Guards, Filters, Sunshade, 64GB Card & ND Filters, Sunshade, 64GB Card. (Drone-world's Executive Kit V2.0)

Kit Includes: Phantom 4 Pro Plus, 5.5" 1080p screen built-in on the remote controller with HDMI out and micro SD slot in the back of the remote, Custom Wheeled Nanuk 950 Hard Case & Shoulder Strap, 3 batteries (2 extras), THOR supercharging station for 3 batteries and the remote simultaneously, L-Series Premium Lens Filter Kit (Variable Polarizer & ND) w/ pouch, 64gb+16gb MicroSD Memory Cards, carbon fiber propellers & Propeller Guards. 


This Drone AVOIDS obstacles automatically (4 directions + downward sensors). Tracks moving subjects automatically with the active track.